Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Orange lily.

My garden has been mostly a vegetable patch,  except for the "jungle" that is the front yard.  There are big trees there and a lot of self sown flowering plants, so I leave it mosly to its own devices.  As the vegetables have been going rather well,  I have time to grow some flowers and hence the new "cottage garden" patch around the bird bath.
I even bought some bulbs this year, and so far they have all been white and rather spectacular.  Yesterday there was a new bud that was looking jsut about ready to open...
 ... and it was looking decidedly orange.  The bulbs that I'd bought were supposed to be either pink,  or the perfumed white ones.... so what a surprise!
This morning I went out to give Gertrude some fresh greens and to make sure that the chickens had food and water.... and I found a beautiful orange lily....
.... quite unexpected,  but lovely.

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