Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pasta primavera

I've  been out into the garden this morning, picking and digging... and I have some vegetables for dinner...
... and so I have a pasta dish in mind for dinner. These vegetables, cooked until they are soft, with oil, herbs and garlic, should make a sauce for pasta.... pasta primavera?   While this dish was invented in a restaurant in New York in the 1970's,  I can't imagine that housewives in Italy hadn't thought of it previously, when the first odd combinations of vegetables were available in the garden.
"Every woman in every house in every village of rural India works invisibly to provide the stuff of life to nature and people."  Vandana Shiva
And this in not true only in India....
....  until a restauranteur in New York "invented" this recipe, sold meals and made a profit,  the recipe was "non-existant".  
... and further, from Vandana Shiva...
"It is this invisible work that is linked to nature and needs, which conserves nature through maintaining ecological cycles, and conserves human life through satisfying basic needs of food, nutrition and water.  It is this essential work that is destroyed and dispensed with by mal-development: the maintenance of ecological cycles has no place in the political economy of commodity and cash flows."  
And I suppose that the climate emergency, the food insecurity and the failure of the green revolution of the '60's is proof of this, if any were needed.

The spider (from several days ago) is still sitting on the same flowering parsley plant, close to where I first saw it, watched it eat a fly and photographed it closely.  I hope to see more of them in the future.

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