Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Proclamation Day

Today is a holiday for Proclamation Day and apparently the shops in the city are open.  There are sales (the post Christmas sales)  about which there have been many complaints, mainly because there have been two days during which retail shops have not been allowed to trade... apart from the "corner stores" and vendors of those items that are needed daily.  (Even the local pub was open for a couple of hours on Christmas morning, just in case anyone should run out of alcoholic beverages!)  There have been a lot of derogatory comments about South Australia and its backwards ways due to the lack of shopping opportunities during this time.  However, if an enforced suspension of consumer behaviour for a couple of days makes this state "backward"  then I suppose I'm rather behind the times.  I wonder how long it will take for "consumerism " that goes with our capitalist society to be seen as a disaster for the environment and the well-being of the community.

Once again, I have fed Gertrude the goat.   I took her out for a walk and she seems to especially like jasmine flowers.  Eventually, she seemed nervous at some noise next door, and made a bee-line for her pen.  
I've picked vegetables (zucchinis, of course, onions, beans and the first of the cucumbers)...
....re-potted a few of the plants that will need to remain in pots until after the summer and I have sorted out some seeds to be planted and then transplanted into the garden for early winter crops...  I usually plant a few broccoli plants, cabbage and cauliflowers...  though not all (I don't put all of the eggs in one basket)...  for an early crop, depending upon the season.  With climate change, we are to expect a more variable climate,  my plan, having some plants in the ground early,  and some late,  seems like a good strategy.

Earlier this morning,  the honey eaters were back bathing in the pond....
... this is a white-plumed honeyeater.  These birds perch on the rocks at this (nearest the house) end of the pond, and do flying leaps into the deep water... then back to the rocks to shake the excess water from their feathers.  This is the "floorshow" as I wash the dishes... the view from the kitchen window.

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