Thursday, 23 December 2010


This week has been busy and a bit miserable also, after Jess's death earlier in the week.  Christmas is fast approaching and while I had planned a quiet event,  it looks as though it will be busier than I'd planned.
I had planned to cook a nice big chicken... either on the day before, if it looked like being a really hot day... or as a hot roast beast on the day if the weather was cool.
Well,  currently the forcast for Christmas day is supposed to be 34C in Adelaide, so it will probably be a bit above that here (in Kapunda) as we are inland and north of the city.  So I have opted for plan A, the pre-roasted chicken and ham, served cold with salads and a steamed golden syrup pudding with icecream.  (I'll even make the pudding the day before and warm it gently on the day.)
Chris has some friends who are going to be on their own for Christmas, and so he has invited them as well.  And he'd like steak for dinner....  we don't often eat that kind of thing.... the budget doesn't allow  for that, however, since Christmas only comes once a year, we're going to have a feast!  (... including steak on the barbeque.  The beef comes from a local farmer, grass fed, locally "processed" using local labour... so even though it may be quite a meaty meal,  all is fresh and local.

Today I am making bread.  I have fed Gertrude, who I don't have time to walk today,  and picked the produce from the garden...  mostly zucchini and beans....  and I found another interesting flower...

... last night as we sat out by the pond with a glass of wine,  the waterlily bud had poked above the surface of the water among the leaves.

I also saw a willy wagtail.  This is a faairly common bird in Australia, though it is one of those that has been severely reduced in numbers in recent years.  The reduction in numbers of more common bird species is a whole other subject,   and it is alarming.  And so the sight of this willy wagtail yesterday was a delight.  There had been one here when we arrived,  but it has either not survived or it has moved on to more favourable territory.  Willy wagtails are known to nest in branches that overhang fresh water bodies... perhaps this little bird has noticed the pond!  I'll be watching.

Anyway,  the waterlily flower is blooming also....
... and it is absolutely beautiful.
Meanwhile,  I am stoking the fire and baking bread.

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