Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Australia Day, 2011

Australia day is also known as invasion day or survival day here, and so it is with mixed feelings that most of the people that I know approach the holiday...  for many, a day off from work, though 36% of the workforce has no break.

Gertrude had her usual opportunity to eat some weeds.  Today was the first day that I've been able to lead herwithout any pulling or pushing at all... she trotted along behind me like a well trained puppy.

Today was cooler (30C) than previous days... or the days to come...  and so I planted some vegetable seedlings so that we'll  have vegetables at the beginning of winter (May-June.)   Once again, it is necessary to plant something regularly if one wants to eat regularly.  I'll be protecting the baby plants from the un next week as the temperature gets to 40C.

Today we had a dinner that came mostly from the garden... "Greek" salad and lamb, potatoes from the garden (cooked with the meat over charcoal in the barbeque.)   Then golden syrup steamed pudding with icecream.  I'm not sure what is tradidtional for Australia/invasion/survival  Day,  but this seemed quite ok.
I  have watched the cricket, done minimal gardening and cooking,  and I'm not cleaning up until tomorrow!

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