Saturday, 15 January 2011

Gertrude prunes the geraniums

This particular geranium grows at the end of the current potato patch.  I left it there because it looked rather beautiful and had pale pink flowers...  Gertrude liked them also...
 .... in fact,  her pruning willl keep the bush quite compact and thick.   She really likes geraniums.

This morning the first of the Echinacea flowers has grown quite big.  I have had difficulty growing these in the past...  they don't like the really hot weather and they do need rather more water than some flowers.
 This one is rather beautiful and I can't wait to see how large the "petals" of the flower grow...

I have been planting again.   These are new zucchini plants and some cabbages.
 It's time to plant the winter brassicas again now.

Gertrude surrounded by food....
 ....  she is happy to be out and about pruning and trimming the weeds,  though after a while she likes to get back to her pen.  As I work around the yard,  her eyes follow, and I'm sure it's because any thistles or wire weed (another favourite) are delivered straight to her.

The baby chickens are growing....
.... though I can't tell yet which are hens and which are roosters.  There are now nine young chickens (from the 12 fertile eggs) and nine old hens.  We get about 3-4 eggs per day, but this will surely increase when the young ones reach 6 months, despite that being just before they slow down for the winter solstice...  this will be interesting to watch.

Life in the summer continues in much the same vein as it has been so far... garden work, preparing food for storage, caring for family and the menagerie and watching the unfolding drama of the floods in the eastern states.  With friends and family in Queensland, dramatic rescues and disasters live on television and with the floods moving southwards through several states, it has been a stressful week.
As I watched the storms coming our way,  I even hoped that we might get some rain.  In fact, as the storms passed by and we only got 6mm of rain.   Perhaps my cleaning of the gutters "jinxed" it.

This week I have dug quite a lot of potatoes, picked tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, leeks, eggplants, capsicums, a few jalapenos and plenty of herbs.  I have made another batch of spaghetti sauce for next winter and we have eaten well, almost all from the garden.

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