Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gertrude's bedroom and the pea straw bale

After yesterday's rain (in the end we received more than an inch in just over 24 hours) I've been out to make sure that Gertrude's bedroom is dry and warm.  It's dry,  not too bad,  but a bit draughty....
 She has been out for a weed removal exercise this morning, and while she was out,  I put a brand new bale of pea straw in her room.   It's in such a place that it will reduce the draughts in her corner (where she sleeps... I've been out to check on her in the night previously.)

She loves the pea straw!   and picks through it to find the tasty bits....

While she was out demolishing weeds, I also removed the night soil.  I have dug it into the next garden bed.  We'll see how goat poo goes as a fertiliser!
Not that soil is a particularly interesting picture,  but this is where the vegetables come from, and as I've described previously,  it is necessary to take care of the soil and the plants will take care of themselves.

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flora said...

you are so devoted to you r animals and nice to see that and your pictures