Saturday, 26 March 2011

Goat heaven

I have been checking on my baby vegetable plants daily,  and they are doing well (except for the ones that the dog has dug up!)  I have also begun re-organising the big garden that produced well last year.  It was divided by "duck boards" rather than having separate beds.  This year I'm actually dividing it properly into four different patches.  This will allow better access, and it will be easier to manage that way....  more of that later.
Gertrude was out for several hours this morning (before I went painting) and she looked like a goat in goat heaven...
though she is nervous about the washing on the line.  People had told me to watch out,  because she would eat the clothes from the clothes line.... in fact she's quite scared of it!

She is looking particularly healthy.  Mainly because she seems to have got a winter coat...
....  she is quite hairy/wooly now.

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