Friday, 8 April 2011

Jewel beetle?

Beautiful warm weather and the garden is growing well.  Every time I walk past the lemon verbena, a cloud of moths leave in a swarm.  I've tried to photograph them,  but instead I found this beetle.  It has such beautiful colours and is so sparkling that I wonder whether it is a "jewel beetle" about which I am aware, but not well informed.   I'll be googling them soon.

 The moths are beautiful too.   They are almost invisible when they sit still amongst the flowers, but the cloud of them when I walk past is anything but inconspicuous.... a cloud of moths!
 The lemon verbena is beautiful....
... and I'm going out to pick vegetables for dinner.

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anna tambour said...

Your images are beautiful, regardless of whether they are visual or word-based. As for your Jewel beetle?" uncertainty, you make me laugh. Good on you for being uncertain. I wasn't when they charmed me, and put both feet in my mouth up to the place where my legs were joined to my trunk. See Jewel beetles vs. 'bugs'… *(later) er, vs. my misidentification.

At least we notice these things. I'd rather notice and be embarrassed by my faulty stabs at knowledge then never to notice at all.