Saturday, 23 April 2011

Pumpkin and chick pea curry

It's been a busy week, though I did plant some more vegetables...  peas, carrots and onions in one patch and potatoes in the most recent compost pile that has long since rotted away to nothing.   I put the bedding from Gertrude's "room" onto the new potato patch too.  It isn't the "official" potato planting season, though I have been planing them twice a year and often doing better at this time than in the summer... depending upon the season.  In the summer,  water can be a problem, and with such a high rate of evaporation, it is almost impossible to supply enough water for potatoes.  In the winter, we still get enough sun, and as long as we don't get much of a frost (last year none at all!) I get even more potatoes.
Tonight I am making pumpkin and chickpea curry for dinner....  the tomatoes are from my bottled ones, local pumpkin, capsicum and jalapenos from the garden and an assortment of spices...
... the chick peas are from the Ord River, WA,  and I cooked them a couple of days ago, on the wood stove while dinner was cooking... all good!

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