Sunday, 19 June 2011

Winter is here

This week we were given some oranges from a friends backyard tree.  These are so much better than the well travelled shop oranges that we can buy.

I haven't been posting as often recently.  This is partly due to to my time being taken up with earning money to pay the bills, but also because the garden work and production is seasonal, and activities and harvest are repeated similarly each year and I often have the feeling that I've written about a particular crop or activity in the past.
This week, the broad beans are looking very healthy.  These are the first ones that I planted some weeks ago.
The nights have been cold and the soil had cooled significantly, making germination slower.  I have a larger patch that was planted some time after these, and I'll be watching those also.

We are picking plenty of broccoli...
... with plenty more to come.

The garden is growing slowly during the colder weather...  except for the weeds!
From the front is lettuce, beetroot and fennel then cabbages, broccoli and celery, then a few carrots and onions and winter herbs (parsley and coriander) with salvias on the left hand side and weeds galore down the back beyond the clothes line.

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