Saturday, 2 July 2011


It seems as though there is less to tell about the garden in winter.  We are still eating motly garden produce.... potatoes, silver beet, broccoli, cabbage and an assortment of other "greens"  but while the temperature is lower,  growth is slow.
The second plot of broad beans is up now....  three rows of them.  The older ones are much bigger, but these should be ok now that they are up.  I've put bamboo sticks around them ready to tie them in place during any windy days.  The sticks that are across the garden are to keep the chickens out when they are roaming free.
 The roosters are gone.  One of them had killed two hens, so I had them "processed" at Kapowie, and they are in the freezer.  It's good to have a "poultry service" right here in Kapunda.  Rooster soup is really good!

The potatoes have suffered from the past week or so of cold nights...  several frosts, but this is as bad as it gets....
The plants will recover, and produce plenty of potatoes... though I haven't needed to bandicoot any yet.

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nick said...

Rooster soup...lovely.
Your garden looks great mum.