Monday, 1 August 2011

Signs of spring?

This morning we have a warm, gusty wind blowing... the kind of wind that is common in September or October, but it is only 1 August!

In recent weeks, almond blossom has been out all along the roadways around Kapunda.  Along with the wattle and frost bitten soft plants, this is a sure sign of winter.  In fact, just over a week ago, we had a really cold night when I had to dig up all of the potatoes whose plants had been seriously frosted.  It had been one of the coldest nights for some years apparently... not that that was a surprise to me as I checked out the vegetable patches next morning.

This week there's been a complete change.  While it's not so very hot yet,  the warm gusty wind makes it feel like spring.  The big slow blowflies are reminiscent of last summer too.  

Outside this morning, I found this....
... the apricot tree is just beginning to flower!  A sure sign of spring!  Confusing weather for sure.

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