Saturday, 22 October 2011

Harvesting broad beans

The broad beans always produce very well here, and as is their style, they eventually produce a lot at once.  In the early days, I eat them whole, in the same way as ordinary beans.  Even before that, the growing tips, leaves and all are good to stir fry in the same way as other green vegetables.
Now, though, I am picking a lot of bean pods that need hulling and cooking in the same way as peas that are taken out of the pods.
It's been a chaotic week, so I this morning I picked a huge basket full...
 These are taken out of the pods, blanched, dried and spread out on a cloth....
.... they are in the freezer, and they'll be ready to put in bags (like frozen peas) in the morning.  These will be good for my risi e bisi converted to risi e fava later in the year.  I am lucky to have a freezer this year.  (Previously I have "bottled" the beans and they are just as good, though a bit "soggier" than the frozen ones.

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