Saturday, 21 January 2012

Artichoke flower and my break in communication

After posting most days, or at least weeks since I began this blog,  I have had a break of 20 days...  nearly three weeks.   I have had a patch of family issues and  and a  stressful patch leading to a lack of energy to post or communicate very much at all.  I am not an orphan here....  most people go through patches like this, whether it's health related, emergent disasters or just weather or environment related...  this is not new.  Families and communities have always had to deal with surprises of all sorts and all kinds of disasters.

I haven't had the energy to communicate with anyone,  let alone my blog readers.

At first, I thought I'd be "back on track" before anyone noticed.... then I thought I'd limit my absence to a    respectable holiday period" and then I realised that I would need to say something about the gap in posts....  As most of my regualr followers know,  I am really concerned with being as self sufficient as I can be.  This summer,  with the family issues and the hot (no... scorching) weather, I have not been able to keep up with my usual garden production and planning that I am usually able to do.   While this is disappointing,  it also leads me to think about these issues in other times and other places.

It is all very well for any and all of us to plan to be self sufficient, and this is really good....   but what happens when there are family emergencies and regional disasters of all sorts.

My thoughts are always to go back to the "olden days" and... what did people do.   Community is important.  Friends and extended family were the first assistance, and the local community have always been the first backup.  In modern times,  the community has diminished in importance.  If our means of support when things are difficult is disapperaing, then what will happen as our means of support becomes even more precarious.

I am lucky that I live in a relatively small community where I have significant help from friends, neighbours and even some formal agencies (because I know the individuals who are there) but what of the city friends who live anonymously as "cogs in a wheel" and who will help them when something goes wrong?

We need to re-think the anonymity of life in the modern world and what happens when things go wrong.  I am hoping that I am getting "back on top of things" and I will be resurrecting much of my garden in th next few weeks...  yet another interesting patch, for I am not the first person to lose a crop when things went terribly wrong.

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Cynthia said...

I've thought of this as well. A neighbor of mine fell and broke a hip. Fortunately, she had her cell phone nearby and could call an ambulance. She was angry at the neighbors for not knowing, but I hardly know the woman, and, since I don't normally see her, I didn't know...

So many of us, as well, live very far from many of our family members now, so we can't be of much assistance when they need help...

I hope things improve for you, Jane.