Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hot days

It is new years day,  asdn while this is mid summer, and we expect summer weather, the last few days have been very difficult.  The past two days have been in the mid 40's (around 110F) and the garden is not doing well.
After the new year's celebrations, it's been necessary to be up early in the morning (to water the garden and to bring Gertrude out) and then to remain up late until the weather cools down,  to water again and to make sure that the livestock (however minimal ) is ok.
Days are long...  it is midsummer... and so the hours of work are longer.   This evening I cooked pasta primavera (my own version) for dinner, medicated Gertrudes eye, watered the garden and "retired to the verandah" for the evening.  It is still over 35C out here,  but there is a breeze and the air feels fresh.   the prayer flags are blowing in the gentle breeze....
 ...   the currajong trees have dropped many leaves ( a aummer survival strategy) and it is the first time today that these trees are quiet... they usually hve so many bees at the flowers that they are "loud"....   these photographs are taken at night as I sit outside....
Tomorrow will be another hot day ... apparently around 40C,  and it will be the time to begin the garden repair after this heat wave. The Bureau of Meteorology does not give an optimistic utlook for some time.  I can only look at this as a "learning experience"  for what did my grandmother do when vegetable crops were devastated by a heat wave.  Gardening for food,  when it isn't merely a luxury or an indulggence is a whole other pursuit.  Days like today bring this urgency home in no uncertain terms.

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