Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moors and Christians

As you know,  my garden has been a disaster this summer.  This has meant a whole new approach to food.  The chickens are laying,  so I have eggs though I need to buy vegetables.  Tonight I had some leftover vegetables (odds and ends) and so I decided to make a variation on the usual "Moors and Christians" dish that I ahve often cooked and which my children all love.  
This consists of black beans (my favourite) and rice.... the name presumably indicates the racial differences between the Moors and their pale faced Christian neighbours back in the day.  I cooked the black beans in a pressure cooker with a few leftover vegetables... an onion, capsicums, tomatoes and some jalapenos.   The rice is plain.  I ate this with some salsa and a spoonful of yoghourt (instead of sour cream) and it was good.  I would have liked sme coriander, though that grows in winter here, and with my neglected patch for this summer....  there is none to be seen.

This week will be the beginning of the new vegetable patch, I hope.


Meeka said...

Sounds yum. Never heard of that dish before in all of my 35 years! Will definitely give it a try, black beans are my favourite legume :)

Jane said...


You can google "moors and christians" i am sure for a recipe, but in fact, the original recipe that I had was very simple...mainly black beans and rice... from what I know, it is a cuban recipe, though other South American countries have similar concoctions. I made it this week with the leftover vegetables from the week's purchases. It is bad enough that I am having to buy so much, but I can't waste any of it. Perhaps I know how hard food is to grow.

Anything of this that is left over makes beautiful soup.
(Waste not, want not, so they say.)