Sunday, 4 March 2012

Change in the weather... beginning to feel like autumn.

After quite a few weeks of leaving the poor garden to fend for itself, with awful consequences, I was able to do some work out there today.  We have had about an inch of rain over a couple of days earlier in the week, and so I've been able to at least begin some weeding and organsie the resurrection of a couple of plants.

First of all I moved some of the rocks from the "orchard" patch where they make it very hard to mow the area during the growing season (winter.)  These large ones that are left are destined to become a retaining wall for one of my pathways.  (I'll need a solid sack truck to move them.)
 The others have made  wall extending from the green man back up towards the house and in the enclosure I will plant some more rosemary plants....  there are a few more small ones to move,  bus most of the hardest part is done now.
 Nearby,  the neglected quince tree is producing a few fruits, though these were reduced this year by the goat haveing access to the tree in January!  These are still green and furry, but will be wonderful when they are ready.

These capsicum plants survived last winter and even the serious lackof care and water duing the last three months.  I have just put another small retaining wall around thema nd "top dressed " their soil with goat poo.
 I've done something similar with the jalapeno plant that grows outside my kitchen window....
It has been a disastrous summer for the garden, mainly because of the family issues that I've had to deal with, but the serious lack of rain hasn't helped either.

As I have mentioned previously,  I wonder how women (for it was mostly women) must have managed their vegetable gardens when people were so much more dependent upon them... prior to the local IGA bringing fresh produce from far and wide.

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