Thursday, 22 March 2012

Planting, 2012.

After the dry and disastrous summer in my garden, I have been able to begin planting after the total of about 20mm (nearly an inch) of rain over the past week or so.  I have been able to begin from seeds in the past, but this winter,  I am making use of a "kick start" from the local nursery and so I have planted quite a few seedlings in my closest garden patch....
 They are growing well, looking healthy and I feel as though I am "back on track" so to speak.   Among these tiny seedlings are some even smaller shoots that appear to be from the previous crops that were here....  these are definitely some kind of "beet related" plant....   silver beet, beetroot or mangel worzel, for these were all close to this patch last year.
 .... and then I found this little plant (on the left)  which is obviously a brassica of some sort (also self sown) and there were broccoli and kale plants around also, so I suppose this may be a child of those plants now well composted or eaten.
In a few days time I may transplant a few of these volunteers into gaps in this garden or spaces in other patches.  I ahve only had to water a few times so far,  but with a dry autumn pedicted,  I may need to keep an eye on all of these plants until the winter rain comes.

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