Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anzac Day Broad Beans

Anzac Day was yesterday, 25 April and is the day that Australians and New Zealanders remember wartime sacrifice on the anniversary of the beginning of a battle that was lost in Turkey in 1915.

Rather than remember such disaster,  I use the date to remind me to plant the broad beans.  They can be planted earlier, or later,  but they seem to be most productive when planted around Anzac Day.

I saved the seeds from last year's crop....
and I still have qute a few left even after today's planting.

There's not much to see yet,  but these should come up fairly quickly as the soil is still quite warm.
The extra seeds will be planted also, even if they end up among the weeds behind the chicken coop, as they are so hardy and always produce plenty of edible pods and beans.  Even those dried beans (that I have saved for planting) can be cooked and eaten.  Broad beans much be one of the easiest, most productive and least temperamental food crops that one can grow.

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Meeka said...

I'm glad to see that its the right time to plant broad beans, I was worried I'd left mine too late or something.
Planted mine a few days ago also, and can't wait til they pop up out of the soil.
Will be my first time growing them so it's kinda exciting!!