Monday, 2 April 2012

Breakfast companions

I ate breakfast out by the pond this morning.  I fed the fish some goldfish flakes, watched the crested pigeons picking through the mulch (which I have spread on the potato patch) for peas and then Isaw a mouse stick its nose out from between the rocks by the water... exciting company!   The honeyeaters were arguing in the trees, in between checking out the nectar supply at the blood lilies.

Then a juvenile rosella came down and bathed about two metres from my feet.   I ddn't make serious eye contact,  as I thought I might frighten him/her away....  but it was pretty exciting.  I wished for my camera.

Back inside,  I found the camera and it was already equipped with its big lens, so I tried for some pictures of the bather....
 ... and this was the view from the kitchen window, through the flyscreen....
the water is definitely attracting more and more birds.

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