Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The broad beans are "up"

The broad beans were planted on April 26th (the day after Anzac Day)....12 days ago.  Beans and peas are planted, well watered, and then left completely alone until they come out of the ground themselves.  I water them very well when I plant them,  btu then not again until they appear above the soil.   I have been checking the patch daily,  and today is the first sign of life...
 ... and here are two of them.  (The weed in the bottom right hand side does not count.)

The one on the left is looking very "broad bean-ish"....

... and there is a crack in the ground nearby where another one is pushing through.
It is so tempting to "help" them, but it's better to leave them alone... in my experience, those that are "helped" are likely to break.

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Meeka said...

Yay! Mine are up too. :) I resisted the urge to water them also but it rained in Adelaide quite alot since planting, and they came up a few days ago. Boy do they shoot up fast once they get going! I have a crimson flowering type, so i'm really looking forward to those. My peas finally came up yesterday too, and something else that I forgot to label, I think spinach. :)