Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chickens in the potato patch

The potatoes in the new patch (near the pond and its microclimate, to try to avoid any very low temperatures during the coldest part of the winter) are growing very well.  I noticed some earwigs a couple of days ago,  and some of the plants have some leaf damage.  Consequently,  I have let the chickens out into the garden to clean up...
 ... and they seem to be right into it.
The black chicken (the one that was so sick after the fox attack some months ago) is moulting....
.... she looks a bit the worse for wear at the moment, bald in patches, but hopefully she'll be back laying eggs again after the winter solstice in June.  She had been laying for several months and seems to be back in good health.


Meeka said...

My chooks free range my backyard but today I had to fence off my broad bean patch. I'm pretty sure that they are the reason for me not seeing any broad beans germinate yet as they spend alot of time in that area..
I'm glad to see your black chook happy and healthy after her run-in with the fox that time!
I haven't noticed as many earwigs this year, (last year there were sooo many) and as this is the first year I've had chooks loose, most likely they are the reason. Gotta take the good with the bad I suppose lol !!

Jane said...

Earwigs seem to have "peak years" every three to five years and I don's seem to be able to have any control over that, but the holes in the potato plants' leaves wwere the best indication that there were enough of them to be having an effect.
My broad beans aren't up yet either. It's been cold. I watered them well when I planted them and I've left them alone since. It has been a week. They should be up in the next few days, I should think. I won't panic for another week or two.