Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fish pond

The last few days have been the coldest days so far this autumn.  That and the shorter days have meant that the pond water has become much clearer and the fish are looking beautiful....
 ... and the floating plants have changed colour, they are brownish now and have grown long roots that hang down into the water.  When they come to the surface,  they are just lovely.
It's hard to see in this photograph,  but I can easily see the bottom of the pond now. They are used to me feeding them too,  and swim towards me when I am near the pond.

The nights have been quite cold and rain showers have been predicted for the next few days.  The weekend is supposed to be clear again, but next week there is the "chance of isolated showers" and while this doesn't sound terribly optimistic,  I'm hopeful that we might receive some of those showers so that I don't need to water the vegetables.


Anonymous said...

For a clearer pond, try a small bundle of clean straw stems - say as thick as your wrist and as long as your forearm.

I have seen another local with crystal clear water (some years ago) and he swore by the straw. It needs changing regularly.

luna said...

There are lots of ways that you can do to make the waters in your pond clearer. Check out some pond filters!

Nicole Martin said...

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