Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bandicooting again

This morning, as I waited for Ebony (new dog) outside to finish her morning ablutions,  I pulled some weeds for the goats, checked the rain guage (2mm) and then, as it had been so cold last night (and friends that I was talking to had predicted frost) I went to check the potatoes.  There had been a little bit of rain, by the look of the mud, and that might have made the difference,  but there was no frost here yet again.

I couldn't wait to see what was under those healthy looking potato plants, and so I was out there, bandicooting some fresh now potatoes....
....  these are "Toolangi Delight" variety. and to quote from Diggers catalogue,   "Bred by the Department of Primary Industry in 1986.  This variety has always topped taste tests,  being great for chips, mashing with good all-purpose attributes.  The delicate purple skin made it unsuitable for supermarkets so we have grown this variety to meet "home grown" demand."   They have also been the most productive in my garden.
I collected the egg from the chickens, cut one new big broccoli head and pulled the two baby leeks from where they self-sowed earlier in the season.
Now that I only need to cook for one, this is my daily grocery supply and dinner tonight.  Life's good.

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Meeka said...

Home grown potatoes are especially yummy. :)