Friday, 20 July 2012

Back again, with flowers and vegetables.

I have been out of blogging for a couple of weeks.... a few shocks to the household, fabulous family visits and heaps to do.

The garden has slowed down, it's colder now and so everything is growing more slowly.  The season was late, because we didn't have much rain until recent weeks.  We had about 75 mm in June and another 16 mm so far in July.  This is definitely below average,  but there is still time,  and I am now waiting for the "follow-up" rains that the farmers are all talking about.

Today I found the first broad bean flower....
 ... it's still too cold for any beans,  but it's excitingto see the first flower.

While the family were visiting,  we had plenty of potatoes, broccoli and kale.  The broccoli plants are already producing side shoots (tiny pieces of broccoli) so that I'll have plenty for some weeks yet....

Today I picked quite a few of these side shoots and dug a few more potatoes to have with fish for dinner tonight.
 I am back to cooking for one and it is quite a luxury.....  much less work both cooking and cleaning up!

Along with the winter crops are some winter flowers....  jonquils....
... aand soon the grass will need mowing

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Melanie said...

Welcome back....I missed hearing from you. My garden in Hobart is in total hibernation at the moment, a combination of both the weather and my lack of forward planning. But it will soon be time to dig in the green manure and start preparing for the Spring (we have Spring here, but it starts later than stated on the calendar).