Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Garden flowers in winter

It is mid winter....  or at least just after mid winter, and there are some unusual flowers in the garden.
Lemon verbena...
 ....  calendula (the first bloom with my favourite maroon centre)....
 .... and these purple tube flowers. This is a South American plant that has been frost bitten (and lost all of its leaves as well as the flowers) in most winters here,  however,  not htis year.  (I have forgotten the name.) We have had a couple of mild frosts, but not enough to "hit" some of the tender plants in the garden.
 And the first of the watsonia flowers is coming out...  a sign of spring!
This morning is sunny, though with looming clouds and the heavy "pre-rain" air that we sometimes feel.  I hope that it rains,  but the weather bureau has been predicting a dry winter and spring because of an El Nino warm ocean out there.

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