Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dumplings for dinner

I don't drink milk.  I never have.  I have always thought that milk is the food for baby mammals and that they move on to other nutrients. The milk that is available in my town is designed for baby cattle and even they don't drink it for all of their lives.  Occasionally I buy some cows milk to make a particular dish or a luxury (surplus to requirements) item for my household.  I sometimes buy a litre of milk on "payday" every fortnight, in case I need some for visiting milky coffee drinkers. I buy local milk that is not homogenised (homogenised milk takes a lot of effort to re-aggregate the fat globules.)   I can't buy unpasteurised milk here  :-(
I bought 2 litres of milk on last pay day (1 litre containers were sold out) and so I had a lot of milk left over.  When that happens,  I don't throw it away.  I make cheese.
The cheese that I make is not the yellow cheddar product that I buy from the shop occasionally,  but soft, cottage cheese or panir.  This can be used in a number of dishes, but this evening was the first time that I'd used this "cottage cheese" to make dumplings, an experiment...  I made a dough with the cheese and flour, eggs and salt and boiled them in water that had already cooked several batches of broccoli (now in the freezer.)
Once the dumplings were cooked,  I tossed them with herbs (cooked in oil),  parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme...
 and I added the last of the broccoli and some grated Mil-lel parmesan cheese....
Very good.  I may make this again.

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