Monday, 3 September 2012


Spring begins here at the equinox which will be on September 22nd here.  (In the Eastern states it will occur just after midnight on the 23rd.)  However,  most people are celebrating it already, at the beginning of the month.   The days are noticeably longer and the weather is lovely, and the garden is ejoying it also.

Currently I am picking broccoli,
 (and the latest ones seem to be producing side shoots even before I pick the main piece... genetic variation?)

There are also cabbages, beets and carrots along with all kinds of "leafy greens", herbs and the occasional leek.  Two of the chickens are laying daily (enough eggs for me) and as the days become longer and warmer,  the weeds are growing much more quickly.

The kale is going to seed.
 I will collect some seeds from these this year, but I'm also giving some of the plants to the chickens.  I have had more than a dozen plants that have supplied leaves for me during the winter, and I'll pick the best few (biggest leaves and slowest to go to seed) to produce seeds for next year.  The other plants will go, one by one, to the chickens.  The love the green leaves and their egg yolks are amazingly dark when they have such a wonderful diet.

The cabbage that I found a couple of weeks ago... the one that was trying to flower....   is still getting there...
... I can't remember whether cabbage flowers are yellow or white.

There are some other beautiful bits and pieces in the garden....  the potatoes love the longer days and are growing much faster now....
 ... and the garlic is looking healthy....
... those lovely big leaves are what is collecting the solar energy to make my garlic bulbs for next winter.

I am still watching the baby broad beans.  I have a few frozen beans from last season,  but only enough for two more batches of risotto, even if I add a few of the frozen artichoke quarters (also from last season.)
These tiny beans are jsut over an inch long, and this is when it becomes an effort of will power not to have a tiny taste of fresh beans.  I always try to wait until they are at least 10 cms long!

The rue is flowering...
The buds have been sitting there for weeks.  Now that the days are longer,  they open...  and people don't seem to understand that plants are able to work things out.
The weeds are doing well also....
.... but I'm pleased with all that is happening here now.

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