Monday, 15 October 2012

Blog action day 2012... the power of we.

Blog action day is an interesting phenomenon.  It is supposed to be a day when blog writers publish a post on a particular theme, and this year it is "the power of we."  

In the past there have been themes such as water, climate change, poverty and food.   While the grammar leaves something to be desired (surely it should read "the power of us") the idea makes me think of community.

I have been actively involved in community and political work for many years, and I have made significant progress here and there... in local government, volunteer work, state-wide elections and in national elections, but the most rewarding involvement (for me) has been my election as councillor at Light Regional Council where I was able to be involved in, and to help my own community.   Much of the work in local government is in policy making and in committees where planning and policy are discussed and recommendations for the council prepared.  This is a place where it is possible to make a significant contribution to the community.

Projects in which I have had a significant influence, along with other people,  are the "community garden" and the "men's shed" and both of these have increased the feeling of community in Kapunda.  Both of these places are particularly good at involving older people with school students and "loners" with our more gregarious citizens... and this, to me is the real meaning of community.

Our town is big enough to have everything that one needs....  even a live theatre venue... and a serious lack of public transport has made it just a little bit more self contained.  It is still the case that if one is having a bad day,  a trip to the post office can cure it all....  the walk along the main street means a series of conversations with friends and neighbours and the kind of community support that changes one's day.

As life in the 21st century becomes more difficult with respect to those other issues (water, climate change, poverty and food)... and it surely will,  community will be the remedy, or at least the support that many of us need.

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