Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dry weather and spring flowers.

I hadn't realised how long it was since I'd posted here.  I have been adding a few photographs to my facebook page,  and somehow the blog has been hibernating...  I have been very busy.
At this  time of year,  there are still quite a few vegetables to pick and patches of garden to be mulched. We have had very little rain,  even comp[ared with "normal" years.  The amount currently is running at about two thirds of the annual rainfall,  and winter is over.  The spring has been quite dry and I have had to water vegetables quite regularly.
I have been planting some new seedlings (from thte nursery) and, with the dry weather, I am being very careful just what I am planting, and where.  I have already commented that I now grow most food during the winter and put some away for the summer.  Much of the garden is watered and heavily mulched for the summer.  This preserves the micro-organisms that grow in the soil and that can be killed by the heat during the summer.  I have described this before, here.
Spring has been very variable this year.  Some days have been hot and dry and windy, some have been quite cold (though no rain!) and on one night lately I heard the pump running for quite some time... that is an indication that the temperature is low enough for the hot water system to drain itself to prevent frezing.  It wasn't actually freezing, but cold enough during the night that I turned the water to the house off.
Today though, it it lovely outside, and the seedlings are looking healthy (cucumber, tomatoes, jalapenos, eggplant, carrots, beans.)

My favourite rose is flowering...
 ... this is actually a climbing rose,  though a friend "pruned" it a while back and so it is looking like a bush at the moment.  The flowers are still lovely.

The third orchid flower has turned out to be yellow....
 ...  it is spectacular.

The borage continues to flower.  I have been collecting seeds from the borage but the other intersting thing to notice is the colour of the flowers as the season goes on.....
 ... I have noticed this before and I'm not sure why this should be so.  As the plant ages,  there are a number of pink flowers on most bushes.

The quince tree, still tiny, is flowering.  The flowers are pale pink when they open,  though these have faded already.

The coriander has now mostly gone to seed.  The flowers are still around and the hover flies are busy, but the seeds are forming.

Among the onions and leeks, I found three tiny poppy plants today.  These come up every year, and seem to be multiplying....
 ... the tiny flowers are lovely....

Inside, the sauerkraut is ready....
.... I'll be looking for goatmeat sausages (or lamb if I can't find any) to have with some of it.

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