Saturday, 17 November 2012

busy life, garden suffers, but the birds are thriving

Spring, despite the lack of rain has meant it is the breeding season for many birds.   I have quite a variety of birds in the garden at the moment... parrots, honeyeaters and feral earwig hunters.
Other local species include several kinds of pigeons... some quite plentiful, and that includes this one...
 ... a crested pigeon.  This is a fairly common native bird,  but no less interesting for all that.  This one was after a drink and a bath at the pond.

I haave picked most of the garlic.  It has been a very, very dry year and so this is rather early to be harvesting garlic,  but it has dried out pretty well....
... I hope that I have enough for the year.   I have less than last year... probably due to the lack of water (only about 360mm of rain so far this year.)   It should be ok,  but I will definitely plant more next June or thereabouts.

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