Friday, 11 January 2013

Early morning harvest

This morning I watered and covered the garden again.  It will be very hot later in the day,  after a couple of days that were just a little bit cooler (38C yesterday).
I have also collected the vegetables before the sun is too high....
.... the tomatoes are a mixture... the orange ones are those that I picked a few days ago.  I am now picking any otf the "white" tomatoes that begin to show a yellowish tinge.  You can see a couple of those (picked this morning)  along side the others that have been inside, in the "cool" inside the house.
As usual,  it has been interesting to plan meals around whatever is available outside.  Surely, this is what women have done forever, and it is also how interesting "ethnic" recipes are invented.  The oversupply of any vegetables, no matter what the season, may make meals more consistent and bountiful,  but it is also boring in a funny way... much less inventiveness and creativity are needed for our modern supermarket foraging... and that seems a pity.

Update:  I did make amazing cooked zucchini flowers for dinner tonight...  they are stuffed with home-made ricotta and sage... amazing...
... wierd looking,  but yummy  :)

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