Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fish pond

This evening I was sitting out by the pond and watching the fish... much more interesting than television.  There are a lot more baby fish now...  at a guess there are proabably 50, of varying sizes and colours.

Originally,  in order to deter (eat the larvae of) mosquitos,  I was unable to get any native fish,  and so I settled for non-heated aquarium fish from the pet shop.  These were ten comets.
While this was not my preference,  these have kept the mosquitos in check and have provided me with many hours of enjoyment.  The original ten comets were mostly not distinguishable... they were all gold and fast.  Two of them were different.  One had a white "face" if that is what you call the front end of a fish and another had a black stripe along its back.  This black stripe made it very hard to see.  I used to go out and count my fish, almost daily, and invariably,  the black striped one would be the last one that I would find.  I used to drop a few flakes of fish food in to attract them and check them out.  I've been a bit lax in recent weeks... with christmas and hot weather,  other issues have taken over.  The fish have had to step down in my priorities.

And so today,   I sat out in the cool of the evening with a glass of wine,  the fish food and tried to see who was there.   I knew that there were a lot of babies... of varying ages... some small grey non-descript things, some larger and gradually acquiring some colour or fading to pale and a few who look golden and almost as big as their parents... the original, now large, comets.

I tried to find the ten largest fish, for  these would be my original specimens...  and they are still noticably bigger than even the oldest of their offspring...  but there are only nine.   I have found nine large fish,  including the one with the white "face" but the one that has been hardest to see (the one with the dark stripe down its back,  appears to be missing.  I photographed the original fish some time ago, and one picture shows the fish quite well....
... she (or he) is quite noticeable... as is the one with the white "face."

The only explanation, aside from some bizarre age difference or disease is that the heron that hangs out in the pond intermittently found that fish easiest to catch.  For me,  it was the most difficult one to see, but who knows how herons operate.

The other interesting thing to notice is the amazing number of tiny fish,  just beginning to be coloured, that have the same dark stripe along their backs...  some kind of immortality.  (I will try to add a photograph here later.)


Stu from Rutherford said...

Just discovered your blog and I'd like to thank you and other Australian gardeners for keeping these up during this dreadful time. Here in New Jersey (USA) we've started to experience extreme temps the last couple of summers and seeing how others cope with this might help. Your comments a couple of days ago on tomatoes confirmed my experiences last summer (though it was cool here compared to Australia! - only 100F.)
Good luck. Sorry this comment is a little off-topic for today's post.

Jane said...

Thanks for the feedback. I am learning to garden with more and more chaotic weather... and I think that it is the only thing lef to do. I could go on at length about the disastrous weather and chaotic climate, but the time for that has passed. I think that managing to deal with it is the way to go.
I began this blog some time after I had begun gardening here (and I have grown food in a lot of other places (including some in North America, though not NJ) and, while sometimes I've been less than consistent, it's useful for me too, to go back and see how things were at the same time last year, or the year before.
If I can help with your gardening, then don't hesitate to contact me again.