Monday, 21 January 2013

People food, heron food.

It's been more than a week...  but I have been very busy with painting (pictures) and keeping the garden going in the heat.  This morning,  after watering, I collected some produce.....  dinner tonight will be a pasta invention, I'm sure...
 ... despite the weather,  enough water and a few lace curtains and tablecloths are keeping the plants alive.

As I walked past the pond this morning, the fish came running (swimming) over to see me.  I have been intermittently feeding them and they now come when I am there.....
... but the numbsers of big fish are seriously "down".   That heron must be doing well.   I have yet to catch her/him at it,  but I can't say that I'm terribly upset... perhaps raising heron food is not such a terrible thing.  Perhaps the pickings are easy when the goldfish are trained to come when one arrives!!!!

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