Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Autumn planting and the labyrinth keep me busy.

I've been out planting the new vegetables for the past several weeks, most recently,  the onions and garlic and a few brassica seedlings.

There are more autumn crocusses too,  though no saffron yet.
 ... these are lovely,  but I always like to find the saffron ones too.

The vegetables that I planted a ffew weeks ago are doing well...

.... here are leeks, broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbage, red onions and some beet root seeds that are just coming up... the plant on the right hand side is a capsicum that is stull producing....
 ... this year I planted the "chocolate coloured" ones... they tase the same as the green/red ones,  but look very different!

I am still picking basil....
 ... the jalapenos are ripening.....
 I have frozen some (whole) in a plastic bag,  and I am always in tow minds about doing that,  because the red ones taste very similar (a bit sweeter,  but still mildly hot) and the "keep" just as well on the bush.
There are still some eggplants....
 .... and the broccoli is beginning to form 'heads"...  still tiny,  but "on the way".

Meanwhile I have been spending time on the labyrinth project.... five circles so far, and a tangled path!
.... still mostly rocks, but I have been planting a few bushy plants as well.  Ebony wanders through,   but doesn't do much to help.

From the other direction,  the green man can be seen on the back wall of the "aviary" and the incomplete circles are very obvious.

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Meeka said...

As always I enjoyed your garden photos. :)
The labyrinth is looking really good I like it and the green man shed.
I planted the chocolate caps this year too, they did well but my chilli flower buds all fell off during the heatwave so I'm not sure if I'll get any chillis at all this year, great to see yours doing so well. :)