Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cleora tenebrata?

I have a curry leaf tree  (Murraya koenigii) growing in a huge pot in my back verandah.  I have brought it inside because previous attempts to grow one have been thwarted by frosty weather in winter.  The joke,  of course,  is that since having this particular specimen and through last winter,  we had no frosts at all.  The tree is healthy and produced berries this year.   It is looking healthy.

In the last few days,  however,  I have noticed some tiny "looper caterpillars" on the leaves.

These are quite tiny,  quite obvious and I have handpicked them and added them to the diet of the chickens.

I have been trying to find out what they are,  and discovered these moths... and there is one moth that I do find in the verandah that could well be the right species.
This is the one that looks most like the adults that I have seen.    (Photo is from the website linked above.)
The orange bits on the wings are a little more obvious on the moths that I see.   I couldn't find an adult today,  but you can bet that I'll be watching out for another one from now on.

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