Sunday, 19 May 2013

Salvia flowers

Salvias are some of my favourite plants.  Mint (of the mint sauce variety also known as  Salvia officinalis) is a plant of the "salvia family" and many salvias have aromatic leaves.

At this time of the year,  the salvias are flowering again...  this is a hybrid red sage that has "minty smelling" leaves....  it is not as hardy as some,  but this plant seems to be doing ok.

This is another hybrid salvia called "African skies"...  (I also have "Greek skies" and I'll make a picture of it when it flowers.)

This sage is a native of South Africa....  Salvia chamelaeagnea... with tangy aromatic leaves...

Mexican sage.... Salvia leucantha...

Salvia recognita... from Turkey.  This sage has leaves that smell similar to clary sage,  and, though the leaves of each have a similar texture and both are hairy the leaves of this species are much smaller.  The flowers are similar as well.
I like the smell of the leaves,  though many people do not.

I used to grow clary sage (Salvia sclarea) every year,  but it is an annual or biennial.  I used to save the seed and replant it each year.  Since finding Salvia recognita,  I have become lazy as this is a perennial and very hardy plant.  I should grow clary sage again,  it is no more difficult than growing borage.  In fact,   there are a number of borage plants coming up (self seeded) all over the place after the little bit of rain.

My Salvia somaliensis (from Somalia) has died back and I am not hopeful that it will recover.  This hot dry summer has been very hard on some plants and even some salvias have not survived.

I have other salvias that are not flowering yet.  I'll photograph them when they do.

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