Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cauliflower... keeping them white and sweet and eating them fresh

Cauliflowers really don't like the sun.  Of course I am looking at this from the pint of view of the person who  is growing them for food.  Once the "curd" forms, it rapidly grows bigger, though remaining "tight" and hard to the touch.  With enough sun,  however,  the cauliflower does what it is supposed to and the "flower" tries to mature to mae more baby cauliflowers.   As it does this,  the curd gets "looser" and turns yellowish and tastes quite bitter.
As a gardener who wants the most cauliflower for my effort,  I try to trick the cauliflower into thinking that it's not as sunny and warm as it is in reality... hence the clothes peg....
... and I use a couple of pegs for most cauliflowers.  This one actually has two, though just one is visible in this picture.  This cauliflower is edible now, but I don't need it today and rather than pick it now,  I'll leave it until I need to eat it, keeping it white and sweet under its own leaves.
Not only do I get to eat very fresh vegetables,  but I don't need much refrigerated storage space... the vegetables are all better kept "in the ground" until I need them.  Planning a menu is done in the garden after checking what is available.

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