Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cold weather, but no frost as we approach the solstice... June 21st.

The past few days have been cold... the first really wintery weather that we have had so far this year.  Late last night,  I went out to the wood pile to bring in a nice big "chunky" piece of wood for the fire to keep it coing overnight.  The moon had gone down,  so the stars were lovely.  The clear sky made me a little bit worried about a frost.  The rain over the past week has increased the humidity, and by morning there was plenty of fog to protect the ground...  no frost,  just that sound-deadening fog.
My "frost gauge" is the potato patch.  Apart from a few limp looking leaves,  there was no indication of frost at all.   The outside temperature (by the time I went out to check) was 7C, so I'm assuming that it didn't get much below that in the early morning.
The winter solstice will be at about 2.30 in the afternoon on Friday (21st June) and then the days will begin to get longer.

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