Friday, 14 June 2013

Winter galahs...

It has been raining, off and on, for three days.  We have had 5mm altogether, and the weather has turned cold.  Winter is here.  I have been out picking cauliflowers, broccoli and parsley, collecting eggs and feeding the menagerie.  Earlier, I had seen a pair of galahs sitting on the chimney of my house...  at least one was on the chimney,  the other was making use of the television aerial.  I plan to try to photograph them there.  They watched me warily as I checked out the garden patches.  I often see crested pigeons or various doves up there...  I have even see a peregrine falcon snatch a pigeon from the television aerial one day...  anyway,  this also made me think to check out the nest hole in gum tree....  after rain,  the birds should surely be thinking of nesting, and so they are...
 ... one of them is busy picking bark from around the hole,  while the other is puffing and preening nearby.

Inside, the fire is buring in the living room and the house is warm.  It is interesting to think that the living room is the warmest room in winter,  but also the coolest room in summer.
 This certainly makes it a "living" room.  Other places are lovely too,  but the living room,  with my desk, books, classic fm and a cup of tea is just wonderful.

Today I will re-watch a dvd that has arrived from the producer.  This movie, that has been made by Michael Sosebee, investigates the dire environmental situation that we find ourselves in....   and, with 200 species becoming extinct daily,  the threat to our own survival.

I first heard about the film on Guy McPherson's blog, Nature Bats Last, and it carries an important message.  The trailer is here.....
... and it makes me think of Derrick Jensen's essay  "Forget Shorter Showers" and I'm afraid that I, too, have decided that the current actions (shorter showers and alternative electicity production methods) appear to be too little, too late.

I continue to grow my vegetables and reduce my ecological footprint as much as I can.

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