Monday, 3 June 2013

Winter vegetables

I have been out to collect eggs,  feed animals and collect vegetables for dinner.  I was out there early so that I could have coriander on my breakfast avocado & salsa toast....
 ... that and my coffee was really good.

I brought in the next vegetables as well... and the regular eggs.  I had eaten a whole cabbage last week. I don't really like the shop ones.  They are not very sweet.  I grow a variety called "sugarloaf" which are relatively small and very sweet.  I am not convinced that the sweetness has  any more to do with the variety than the freshness.  Like many other vegetables,  they are so much sweeter when they are newly picked.
Today I collected cabbage and broccoli... plenty for today.  I'll leave the rest alive in the garden.  Now that  the weather is cooler, the vegetables mature more slowly too so it's not a matter of picking as much every day.  It feels like a luxurious way to live... to go out in the morning finding the best of what is available for the day.

I did pick a couple of caterpillars off the cauliflowers and a smaller cabbage, but once again,  I'd rather eat whatever doesn't hurt the other creatures in the yard.

The garden has definitely enjoyed the rain over the past week.  Altogether,  we have received about 38 mm.  It is enough to have not only the broad beans and brassicas germinating,  but a bountiful crop of stinging nettles, marshmallows and sour sobs.

In other news,  the pond level does not seem to have dropped at all, and so my fears of a leak somewhere appear to be unfounded.  The constant drop in level was probably due to evaporation.  The amount of evaporation is said to be more than a metre every year though most of that occurs in the non-rainy season.  In the summer,  the humidity can be so low that it is seriously uncomfortable,  not only for the garden,  plants and soil,  but for people also.  The fact that the level has not dropped during this damp weather (the inch of rain would not have been enough to keep up with a leak) indicates that evaporation is the main issue here.  Slight relief!

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