Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Black-faced cuckoo-shrike

These birds are not unusual around here,  I often see them catching insects in the air as they fly...  incredible acrobats.
This afternoon I came home to find three of them behaving strangely in the trees behind the house.   One of them was obviously using some kind of displaying behaviour to another,  lifting its wings alternately and rythmically while the other watched... the third (the one that I photographed) remained on a different branch....
...  I can imagine that this may be displaying behaviour related to breeding.  According the wikipedia,   these birds breed from August to February...  probably close enough now.
I haven't seen this before,  but so many large trees have been removed that my trees may be the best nesting spot around here now.  So sad that at least 10 large trees have been cut down within 100 metres of these birds.   I will be watching out for them.... and for any cats that are loose in the neighbourhood.

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