Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fresh vegetables

Today I bandicooted the first potatoes for a long time...   and they will be added to dinner tonight...
 ... along with the first of the "ordinary cabbages" from the brassica patch.

I am beginning to look for broad bean flowers... none yet,  but there is a carrot that has come up in that patch.  I'll leave it... the other carrots are still tiny... this one is ahead of the crowd!

I have been picking cauliflowers and pulling out the chunky bottom part of the plants for the chickens.  The onion plants that have struggled beside them,  growing a little bit sideways but they'll now get the run of the patch.
 I'll put some seasol and stinging nettle fertiliser on them and see how they go.

The leeks are looking good,  though some of them are still competing with the broccoli.
 I'll choose which broccoli plants to remove (the ones  that are producing less secondary shoots) to remove and stagger the leek crop a little.  I don't mind some being "left behind" a bit...  I'd rather my crops matured over a longer time than just a week or two.

The garlic is looking healthy... and this is one of four separate patches....
 ... I should have plenty through next winter.

Yet another healthy looking cabbage....
....  these are a smaller variety,  though they are growing quite large this year.  They are also very sweet,  though this may be just because I eat them so soon after I pick them.  That is true of quite a few vegetables...  even potatoes.... vegetables picked and eaten within minutes instead of days or weeks are very different.

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