Monday, 4 November 2013

Ladybirds and spiders

I have been out checking for ladybirds again… they are increasing in numbers rapidly at the moment.  Every day their numbers seem to double…  and they are enjoying the flowering parsley (apparently,  lady birds prefer flat leafed parsley,  the very kind that I grow) and the flowers are occupied by baby ladybirds and adults….

 …. there are more and more every day.

As I looked for more and more of them, and found one of the spiders that have been "missing" until now….   it was eating a hover fly…..
These spiders are Thomasis spectabilis.  I have found them before.  Their "common name" is thte White Crab Spider,  despite the colour of this particular individual.  I took another photograph that shows the huge abdomen of this individual…
….  perhaps it is a female that is ready to produce eggs.  Apparently, the different colour is associated with the diet of the spiders.  Last year I found both white and yellow examples… so far I've only seen this individual this spring… about one month earlier than I have seen them in rprevipous years.

I did wander around to see what else I could find and there was this….
… a caterpillar (probably a white cabbage moth baby) sitting on this twig of coriander seeds.  This is certainly not  it usual (or safe) place.  I assume it was dropped by a bird that had been foraging among the kale leaves that are quite a distance away… too far for a caterpillar to walk.  That is why I am thinking that a bird must have dropped it.  I don't like it's chances…. the green colour is not the best camouflage for these maroon coloured seed pods.

The lemon verbena is beginning to flower as well…
….  these are beautiful.


Nick said...

I love your photos Jane.

Jane said...

Thanks Nick. These are with my Canon digital camera…. I should be drawing though :)