Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shadow in the garden

Last night,  listening to the rumbling thunder and waiting for the rain (we did get 1mm) I sat watching from my bedroom window.   There was a shadow… a dark patch out there.  I'd seen a neighbour's black cat outside on a few other days,  and of course,  I assumed that must be it.
However,  this morning I found the "shadow".  It turned out to be something stuck in the rose bush...
 …  no cat at all!

A bird's nest…..

 …. with just one blue speckled egg inside….

… obviously abandoned….

There are a lot of blackbirds around and this is one of their nests. I know that they are feral,  introduced and not to be encouraged,  but they do eat plenty of earwigs and so I can't be too hard on them.
The nest is in a terribly precarious place an dmuch too close to the ground,  and I'm not surprised that it was abandoned.  I hope the neighbour's cat didn't interfere.

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