Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Busy week…

The autumn is always a busy time,  but this week I also detoured to the coast and had a few days off.  I had planted some seeds in the week or so prior to that,  so I watered well before I left,  but with no rain at all here in Kapunda,  I did worry a little.  It seems that the tiny plants all survived.  The beetroot had already emerged (and there was a photograph in the previous post) and those plants are looking healthy.

This morning there were a few more seedlings…  carrots
 … the carrots are the plants with the long thin leaves (the little round leaves are weeds, probably stinging nettles)…  the weeds will be removed when I am thinning the carrots in a few weeks time.

Peas….  a few are up and very obvious….

…..  parsley (for tabouli)….

The pumpkin patch continues to take over a huge area….  with quite a few pumpkins growing….
 …. for those who know my yard,  you can see the pumpkin plant going right on past the pond, with baby pumpkins intermittently along the vine….

…. and the pumpkins are of all kinds…..
 …  I am already planning some "pumpkin based" meals.

The blood lilies are attracting the honeyeaters….
 …. and each plant is beginning to produce the double leaf beside the flower stem….
 …. each plant (even those that have not flowered yet) produce the double leaves…..

…. these double leaves serve to catch dew and rainwater in the most efficient manner  (more of this as the season progresses.)

In other news this week:  I have made brinjal pickle from the brinjals (aubergines/eggplants) from the garden.  I added a few peppers (capsicums) as well….
…. and the salsa jars have come in handy too.

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