Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pumpkin patch

This morning is overcast and damp.  It is the first day for a long time with anything other than a clear blue sky and clear dry air.  This morning is warm and humid and the garden is loving it (and so am I.)  The pumpkin patch seems to be the part of the garden that benefits from a few extra hours of flowering before the flowers just wilt and die.  I took some photographs after 9am this morning when normally the flowers would be starting to look a bit the worse for wear….

….  female flower...

… vine crawling across the weedy patch.  This vine is about 3 metres long,  and growing….

… one vine has taken off across the yard towards the pond…  about 4 metres….
 …. so much photosynthesis,  so many pumpkins full of carbohydrates….

… another female flower, with bees, of course.  I can't find a flower without a bee!

…. Male flower….
I sat out there by the pumpkins with my coffee this morning… beautiful day.

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