Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rain… 1mm.

After 12 hours or so of very very light rain,  there is 1 mm  in the gauge.  Yesterday I planted some new seeds…  beetroot and carrots.  I had a piece of shadecloth with which to cover the carrot patch this morning,  but it looks so warm and damp,  I think that the seeds (despite their size… tiny) will love the extra warmth.  I've left the soil uncovered….
 ….  more rain is promised for later in the week.  I hope we get some of that.

The pumpkins are still expanding their territory… here is one that is attempting to cross the pathway to the clothes line….
 …..  I'll be stepping over it for quite a while,  I suppose.

With the end of the very hot weather and a tiny bit of rain, the salvias are flowering beautifully….
This one is a Salvia muirii, a native of South Africa.

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