Monday, 10 March 2014

Strange discoveries…. and today's harvest….

I have been out to the garden to take a photograph of the potato leaves…  I find them a particularly lovely plant… their leaves look so lush and beautiful…
 … these are a few weeks old now,  but at this time of the year (supposed to be the "wrong" time to grow potatoes,  the pests are at a minimum and the plants are winning easily.

I also went to collect some watsonia fibre.  I have shown the flowers of watsonia plants previously.  But at this time of the year, the plants are completely dry...
 The leaves here belong to a kurrajong tree, but it is the long fibrous leaves that I collect lately to weave into baskets….  I am really happy with the results.

However, down where the watsonia is at its best,  the blood lilies are appearing also….
 … the honeyeaters will think that it's Christmas!
 None of the flowers are completely open yet, and these are just the first few,  but they are lovely.

The last of the Easter lilies are still around. These are also called "bella donna lilies" or "naked ladies".  this one is particularly lovely….

Then I found the most bizarre item of all….  a lilac flower!  These are supposed to flower in the spring and here we are, at the end of a hot summer with spring in the air?
I have an apple tree that produced a second flush of flowers about three weeks ago too.  This changing climate is really producing some strange effects.

I did collect a few vegetables for dinner….
….  this may well be an eggplant omelette plus!

Lunch was corn… and  I boiled the water before I picked the corn and yes,  it does make a difference.
These are quite pale in colour,  but taste exactly the same as other corn cobs that I have eaten.

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Meeka said...

Love the pics. My apple tree in Adelaide also flowered again unexpectedly. A bit of a worry.
Awesome basket, I'd love to learn that one day.